Horace Mann once said, I quote … »Be ashamed to die unless you have won some victory for humanity.«

Your vision, the passion I see through your work is love made visible, and the visual compilation of this book is a wonderful contribution to humanity in inspiring us to learn, to earn and to return by giving back. It’s our inherent obligation to rewrite the wrong and to be quit of the destruction of our planet. If we continue on this destructive path of our natural self-sustaining ecosystem we will cease to exist and we’ll inadvertently die a lonely death! Africa is the cradle of life and very soon could become the grave of the last of their kind! Justice, not injustice is the soul and substance of life that must prevail!
I’m grateful and thankful for your dedication!


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We are currently experiencing the sixth major species extinction in history —every day, about 150 species disappear forever from this planet. The loss of biodiversity on such an unprecedented scale is even more threatening than climate change, because biodiversity is the basis of our existence — without it we cannot survive. Africa’s wildlife has already lost 75% of its natural habitat and almost without exception lives now in protected areas and reserves. Many are threatened or on the verge of extinction. 
Some of the largest and most wonderful creatures in Africa have become very dear to me over the years: elephant, rhino, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard and mountain gorilla — all utterly fascinating creatures and all of them endangered. I have dedicated this book to these last of their kind. These are intimate portraits of the beauty of creation and its transience. It a homage and warning at the same time — a visual message with the aim of sharpening our clouded view of the one, infinitely complex and vulnerable nature and to recognize which treasures we are about to irretrievably lose.