For years, joachim schmeisser has been photographing the last giants of africa at close range, creating exceptionally intimate portraits of species threatened with extinction. In his new series, the last of their kind, he focuses on the beauty of creation and its fragile transience. These striking images are timeless works that can be interpreted on different levels: as depictions of a distant past or as iconic memories in a not too distant future in which we can only admire these majestic creatures in zoos. They are both an homage and a final warning – visual revelations that sharpen our clouded view of nature in all its infinite complexity as well as recognizing what treasures we might irretrievably lose.

All of the photographs were taken with medium-format cameras without the use of remote control devices or long lenses.

In 2012, he won the prestigious hasselblad master award for this work and, in 2017, his book »elephants in heaven« was launched by the german publisher teneues (the first edition of the book was sold out after 4 months, it‘s now sold in its third edition). His new book »Last Of Their Kind« was published in May 2021 also by teneues.

Published in 2017

Published in 2021